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Premise Liability

Restaurant Liability

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Premises Liability Lawyers In Las Vegas, NV

Between the dozens of familiar chains, local hidden gems, and world-class restaurants — there’s no shortage of eateries where families can grab a bite in Las Vegas. Of course, eating out is a leisurely activity, and many expect establishments to provide a safe dining environment. However, while most property owners, restaurant managers, and staff strive to keep their establishments safe for patrons, others may be negligent in their responsibilities.

Like any other business, restaurants owe a duty of care to their patrons. When restaurant owners or staff members are negligent in that duty of care, patrons can suffer severe personal injuries requiring expensive medical treatment. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a restaurant staff’s negligence, you might be entitled to financial compensation for incurred damages.

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Common Causes Of Injuries In Restaurants

When restaurant owners and staff members are negligent in providing customers with an environment free of hazards and unsafe food, their patrons may suffer serious injuries. Below are some of the most common accidents that may result in restaurant patrons suffering an injury.

  • Poor Lighting Conditions
  • Uneven Flooring
  • Improperly Trained Staff
  • Slippery Surfaces
  • Undercooked Food
  • Unsanitary Conditions
  • Unsafe Stairs
  • Broken Handrails
  • Poor Property Maintenance

Elements Of A Restaurant Negligence Claim

In Nevada, restaurant owners can be held liable for injuries caused to patrons by their negligence as well as the negligence of their employees. To make a claim against a Nevada restaurant, a plaintiff must prove the following.

  1. The restaurant owed them a duty of care
  2. The restaurant was negligent in its duty
  3. Negligence was the cause of the plaintiff’s injury
  4. As a result of the plaintiff’s injuries, damages were incurred

Compensation For Restaurant Injury Damages

In the unfortunate event you or a loved one have suffered an injury at a restaurant, it’s possible to seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages from a liable party. Some compensable damages victims may pursue include the following.

  • Medical Expenses (Prescription Costs, Ambulance Fees, Etc.)
  • Therapy Bills
  • Loss Of Present & Future Wages
  • Rehabilitation Costs
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How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

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