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Premises Liability

Busy Mall Area Prone To Slip & Fall Accidents And Premises Liability Claims

Premises Liability Attorneys In Nevada

If you’re injured while on another individual’s property, you are likely eligible for compensation. Owners of businesses, hotels, and other properties are required to ensure the safety of their premises.

An injury due to the negligence of a property owner could mean high medical bills, missed work time, and potentially lifelong pain. One of the civil litigation lawyers at Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP can work with you and ensure you’re rightfully compensated for your injuries.

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What Is Premises Liability?

Both property owners and leaseholders are required to uphold a certain level of quality and safety within their properties. When those standards aren’t met, injury can occur. Before welcoming guests onto their property, the property owner or tenant must properly label and inform guests of any defects or potentially hazardous areas either on the property or in the area which surrounds the property. Common reasons for premises liability lawsuits include the following: slip and fall accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, injuries due to building defects, swimming pool injuries, exposure to hazardous materials, injury due to negligent security, and event accidents. Our lawyers can help with several types of premises liability cases, including any of the following.

Premises Liability Accident On Construction Site

What Is Required For A Premises Liability Case?

If an injury occurs on the premise and the property owner didn’t take the required steps to help prevent the resulting injury, the injured party may be eligible to recover damages in a premises liability case. In order for the case to be successful, several key components of proof are required.

Defendant Was Aware Of The Issue

A defendant in a personal injury accident case can be the property owner, current leaseholder, or whoever acts as the owner of the building. If a dangerous area or building defect exists and the defendant was aware of the issue and didn’t take the required steps to inform guests or fix the issue, then the defendant can be held responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.

Defendant Was Negligent

Negligence can come in many forms in a premises liability case. Not following proper maintenance protocols, improper safety standards, or failing to label areas that might injure patrons are all cause for a personal injury case.

Negligence Caused The Injury

An experienced Nevada civil litigator can help prove the plaintiff’s injuries were due to the negligence of the defendant. Property owners are expected to act in a reasonable manner to prevent dangerous conditions from befalling their property. If a property owner failed to properly inform guests of the danger, and a guest is injured, then the owner may be liable for damages.  Even in cases of “obvious danger,” such as an obstruction in a pathway, the Nevada Supreme Court has allowed for a jury to review which party was at fault for the injury, such as in Foster V. Costco.

Plaintiff Was Allowed On The Property

Whether on the premises to shop, make repairs, by invitation, or even due to trespassing, a premises liability claim can be made based on the circumstances surrounding the case. There is an expected level of safety when stepping onto a property, and if an injury occurs while you’re on someone else’s grounds, then a personal injury attorney can ensure you get the help you need.

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve suffered from an injury due to negligence on behalf of the current property owner, contact the civil litigators with Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP. Our experienced Las Vegas attorneys can help determine who the current property or lease owner is and if any negligence occurred, and help get the money you need to recover from your injury. Contact our personal injury lawyers today and let us help determine your rights to compensation after an injury.

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