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Intellectual Property Litigation

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Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyers In Las Vegas, NV

Retain control over the ideas, formulas, design, and practices that distinguish your business from the crowd with the help of our intellectual property lawyers in Las Vegas, NV. Whether to help dispute the unauthorized use of your patents or to dismiss a claim against your company, our team of litigation lawyers can provide you with the experience and comprehensive legal counsel you need for any industry. In the event of a trial, we can also represent you in both state and federal courts. Contact us to schedule a free litigation consultation with a litigation attorney at Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP.

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What Is Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation?

Intellectual property litigation (IP litigation) broadly refers to legal proceedings aimed to safeguard the ownership of intellectual property. Intellectual property broadly refers to intangible assets such as logos, product formulas, art, and music. More so than physical goods, intellectual property assets are invaluable in granting businesses a competitive market advantage, especially in today’s highly-competitive and innovation-driven business environment.

Types Of Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property litigation covers a wide range of disputes — from questions over the right of ownership to a specific company motto to allegations of music plagiarism. Depending on the nature of the intangible asset, intellectual property is further divided into several areas of expertise. For the best legal representation, your intellectual property attorney should have experience in the specific area related to the client’s case.

Patent Litigation

Our patent lawyers can help defend and prosecute patent litigation cases in both state and federal courts. Whether to enforce a patent or defend you against claims of patent infringement, we can help businesses from a wide range of industries — from pharmaceutical companies to engineering firms. Our lawyers focus on client education and involvement to deliver high-quality results for all cases including patent infringement, patent licensing, disputes over inventorship, and more.

Trademark Litigation

Our trademark attorneys are experienced in areas such as trade dress, domain name, unfair competition, and false advertising, among other trademark sectors. We can help clients with all phases of the litigation process, from filing for emergency injunctive reliefs to handling court federal court proceedings. Our team of civil attorneys will keep your business up to date on the ever-changing trademark laws of your state of operation as well as any changes to federal laws and international laws.

Copyright Litigation

Our copyright lawyers can assist clients in enforcing copyright claims including software copyrightability, database protection, DMCA compliance, and fair use. We can also help with entertainment-related copyright disputes as well as more complex litigation cases involving international copyright law agreements and infringement. If you require experienced counsel to help protect your intellectual property and enforce copyright ownership in the State of Nevada, contact our civil litigation law firm today.

Trade Secret Litigation

Unlike patents, trademarks, and copyrights, trade secrets are not disclosed to the general public (unregistered). To safeguard ownership over trade secrets, our intellectual property lawyers can help you establish and enforce confidentiality practices in order to ensure your trade secrets remain safe and within your company. In the event of a confidentiality breach or cyber intrusion, we can likewise help mediate and resolve conflicts of interest among parties or represent you in both state and federal courts in the event of a trial.

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Do I Need An Intellectual Property Lawyer?

The key to any successful business strategy lies in the company’s ability to stand out from the rest. While other companies in the industry may utilize the same equipment, standard procedures, and raw materials, what gives a business its competitive edge is, more often than not, its intellectual property. Logos, designs, patents, and ideas, are all invaluable when it comes to gaining the upper hand over competitors. As such, it’s in the best interest of all businesses to safeguard this advantage, no matter what industry they’re in. Our intellectual property lawyers can help you retain control over your business’ intellectual property as well as represent your business in the event your intellectual property is used inappropriately or without written consent.

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