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Franchise Litigation

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Franchise Litigation Lawyers In Las Vegas, NV

Disputes are not uncommon in the world of franchising, but franchise litigation cases must be handled differently than other types of business litigation cases. Without the legal counsel of a franchise attorney, a dispute between a franchisee (operator) and their franchisor (provider) could result in months of grueling paperwork, wasted time, and expensive legal fees. Save yourself and your business the trouble. Contact civil litigation attorneys with Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP for the best legal representation for your franchise business.

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What Is Franchise Litigation?

Franchise litigation broadly refers to any legal proceedings aimed to resolve conflicts of interest between a franchisee and their franchisor. Franchise law differs significantly from disputes within other types of business law. For instance, franchise agreements are, for the most part, much more one-sided than a typical business contract. The outlined provisions in a franchise contract primarily serve to protect the franchise as a whole above any individual franchisees. This is for good reason, however, as safeguarding the image and intellectual property of the franchise protects all franchisees from unexpected losses.

What Can A Franchise Lawyer Help Me With?

Required Paperwork

The state of Nevada requires all prospective franchise owners to review and sign the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) before purchasing any franchises. A licensed franchise attorney will know what to look for in this and any other relevant documents required to obtain a franchise, saving you from unexpected surprises down the road.

Franchising Disputes

In the event you are involved in a dispute with your franchisor or would like to file a dispute against one of your franchisees, you can count on our team of litigation lawyers to handle all the legal proceedings. We will review the case to ensure fair play and find the best possible solution for both parties.

Keep Your Business Up-To-Date

Franchise lawyers can also keep you updated on the ever-changing franchising laws in your state. They can likewise help ensure your business abides by the guidelines on your franchising contract as well as offer recommendations to improve your franchising relationship.

Two Litigation Lawyers Going Over A Franchise Contract

Why Do I Need A Franchise Lawyer?

Franchise lawyers understand the imbalance in the franchising relationship making them much more adept at handling franchise-related disputes that unspecialized lawyers. With expertise, they are better able to judge whether a contract is more or less one-sided than necessary, or whether a disagreement is worth disputing. On the other hand, a business lawyer without franchising experience may approach a franchise litigation case the same way they would any other business litigation case. This could result in more time spent negotiating, higher attorney fees, and less-than-ideal results.

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