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Complex Construction Claims

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Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Plan for success by seeking experienced legal counsel and representation. Large construction projects, such as multi-family residences and mixed-use developments, can be incredible additions to your portfolio, but they also require significantly more resources and a larger team of contractors. The addition of more parties involved also means it is not uncommon for minor contract disputes to escalate into costly construction lawsuits during large construction projects.

To ensure a smooth process throughout your next construction venture, contact a construction attorney with Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP right away to request a free case consultation.

What Can Complicate A Construction Claim?

From architects and designers to general contractors and technicians, each party involved in a large construction project must deliver services on-par with the standard of quality outlined in their contract. When contractors fail to meet these standards, not only is the quality of the finished project put at risk, but the negligent contractor may inadvertently delay other aspects of the project.

While some disagreements that arise during smaller projects may easily be resolved through negotiation, a simple roadblock in a large construction project may launch an ever-escalating series of disputes among contractors and managers. The following include some common issues present in complex construction claims.

  • More than 20 parties involved
  • Millions of dollars at stake
  • Disputes that span across industries
  • Several contract discrepancies
  • Ever-increasing legal fees
  • Negative publicity

How Can A Construction Lawyer Help Me?

Our experienced construction lawyers can help project managers and contractors promptly avoid legal disputes by ensuring all the required legal paperwork abides by the latest federal, state and local standards for construction. In the event a dispute arises, we can also help mediate and negotiate between the parties to prevent the issue from escalating.

The following include some of the construction-related issues we can help resolve.

  • Breaches Of Contract
  • Tort Claims
  • Defective Construction
  • Professional Negligence
  • Change In Orders
  • Procurement & Bid Disputes
  • Owner Delays
  • Subsequent Purchases
  • Equitable Doctrine Disputes
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Talented Construction Lawyers Helping You Dream Big

Don’t let contract and legal suit disputes prevent you from taking on more challenging projects. Contact the construction attorneys with Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP to help you develop a nuanced litigation strategy and to prevent complex construction claims from jeopardizing the future of your project.

Backed by an experienced construction attorney, managing an increased number of stakeholders and contractors can be an easier and a highly-rewarding process in the long run.

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