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Catastrophic Construction Failures

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Every time a construction project is underway, on-site workers and passersby alike expect the project to follow proper safety standards. No one expects to be witness to a construction accident, but they are not uncommon. Work-related accidents resulting in minor injuries happen frequently throughout the country in all types of business — construction is no different. Catastrophic construction failures can occur due to a multitude of factors, including defective design and poor craftsmanship. In the event you or your business becomes involved in a personal injury or property damage case related to construction defects, hire an accident attorney as soon as possible. Contact our construction lawyers with Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP to protect your best interests at the negotiation table and in court.

What Are Catastrophic Construction Failures?

While construction defects typically result in no more than moderate damages or cosmetic issues, catastrophic construction failures are often much more damaging with severe ramifications. Foundational and structural damages, for example, could lead to portions or the entire building to collapse. Nearby buildings, drainage vault systems, and community developments could also be at risk. When events like this occur, there is a serious threat of injury, illness, lasting mental health conditions, and even death for any workers on site or pedestrians who happen to be around during the collapse.

Common Causes Of Construction Failures

Construction failures are often the result of negligence from one or more of the parties involved in the project, including architects, plumbers, electricians, and general contractors. Some of the more common reasons for catastrophic construction failures include the following.

Defective Materials

Cheap, damaged, and defective building materials are typically used by contractors in the hopes of saving time and money during construction. In many of these cases, the building materials used aren’t up to code, resulting in a structure that is highly susceptible to failure. As materials weaken and eventually fail, these negligent construction practices can result in a domino effect that can lead to a catastrophe.

Lack Of Planning

During the planning phases for a new construction project, contractors and site managers should account for possible risks and issues with the building process by thoroughly planning for emergency situations. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, common weather patterns, such as heavy rains, and any other damaging events that are likely to occur during the lifespan of the building should be accounted for prior to the completion of the property.

Construction Instability

When a site is designated for construction, proper research should be done on the land to determine if the area is suitable for the upcoming construction. Land areas with unstable ground or loose soil may not be able to support the added weight from the structure, causing the underlying land to shift or give way. When this occurs, the construction is susceptible to collapse, endangering nearby properties and on-site workers.

Poor/Incomplete Design

During the design process for a construction project, certain steps must be taken along the way to ensure that all components of the intended design work together and are structurally sound. When shortcuts are taken to rush a project, critical design flaws can be missed, resulting in a property that isn’t able to support the weight or size of the completed project.

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Construction Defect Attorneys

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or your construction site has experienced catastrophic damages due to the negligent behavior of one or more parties, the accident attorneys at Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP can help. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complex field of construction law, ensuring that your rights are advocated for properly, and all supporting evidence is properly gathered. Our construction accident attorneys in Florida, Nevada, and California can provide you with legal support and guidance during this difficult time. Contact our law firm today for assistance on your catastrophic construction failure case.

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