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Business Litigation

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Commercial Litigation Attorneys In Nevada & California

Disputes are an inevitable aspect of business no matter in which state(s) you operate. When a dispute concerns your company — ranging from disagreements with business partners to disputes regarding clients and government agencies — you require the expertise of a commercial litigation attorney to advocate on the behalf of your business.

The lawyers with Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP work with businesses of all size, scale, and industry to achieve a thorough understanding of the long-term business goals and core operations processes, resulting in the comprehensive counsel required to strategically solve a wide range of complex business disputes.

Whether your case may be resolved with simple mediation or the dispute requires extensive litigation, we leverage the skill and knowledge of our firm to help your commercial entity achieve successful resolution for the benefit of your business.

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What Are The Alternatives To Litigation?

Commercial disputes may be unavoidable. But in certain cases, business litigation — and the time and financial resources associated with commercial entity litigation — is not the only option for the resolution of commercial disputes. Alternative options to litigation include commercial mediation and commercial arbitration. Mediation is the process in which commercial parties meet with a neutral third-party mediator who assists both parties with agreeing upon a mutual resolution without going to trial. Whereas mediation provides both sides with the opportunity to source mutually agreeable resolutions to disputes, arbitration occurs when both parties agree to provide a neutral arbitrator with the task of deciding the final outcome of the matter following a presentation of information from both parties. As with mediation, arbitration helps clients avoid the costs and time associated with trial litigation. To determine the optimal option to your commercial dispute, contact our civil litigators today to discuss your case.


Common Types Of Business Litigation Cases

Our law firm is comprised of skilled civil litigators with years of experience managing, negotiating, and litigating different types of business litigation cases, including litigation to alternative dispute resolution; banking; corporate governance; franchises; insurance; intellectual property; partnerships; and real estate disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is an option commonly utilized with businesses that seek a cost-effective and timely resolution to commercial disputes through arbitration and mediation. Our business litigation attorneys prepare each client for every type of ADR during pre-trial litigation.

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Banking Litigation

Financial litigation involves claims that are civil, criminal or administrative in nature. Our attorneys assist banking and financial institutions with a number of disputes which regard matters such as regulations and agreements as well as contractual disputes.

Corporate Governance Litigation

Litigation with regard to corporate governance encompasses a variety of matters, including breach of fiduciary duty and forced mergers by both publicly-held companies and privately-held companies as well as nonprofit organizations and municipalities.

Franchise Litigation

A civil attorney with Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP can assist with all matters concerning franchise litigation, including ensuring the franchise is compliant with the current legislation and regulations by government authorities and the applicable courts and agencies.

Insurance Litigation

Our law firm represents commercial clients in a wide range of insurance disputes and liabilities matters, from class action litigation to reinsurance, to minimize the financial impact to their businesses and their day-to-day operations at any stage of the dispute.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Effective protection of intellectual property is integral to commercial success in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Our litigators provide protection, counsel, and enforcement to all intellectual property, including trade secrets, Internet-related matters, and breaches of security.

Partnership Dispute Litigation

A rapid resolution is essential to solving disagreements among business owners, partners, and shareholders for the benefit of the commercial entity as a whole. When litigation is the only course for resolution, our commercial litigation attorneys provide comprehensive counsel.

Real Estate Litigation

With years of experience and all-encompassing knowledge of the laws and regulations concerning real estate, attorneys with our firm can assist your business with issues such as eminent domain, zoning, deed restrictions, and condemnation, among other issues.

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