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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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At Pursiano Barry Bruce Demetriades Simon LLP, we acknowledge that some disputes are best solved out of court. Our business litigation attorneys are committed to cost-effective and efficient dispute resolution for our clients, and will offer an unbiased account of the pros, cons, and expenses associated with alternative dispute resolution based upon the specific requirements of your case.

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What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to any method of settling a dispute without litigation. This form of settlement does not involve judges or juries; instead, a neutral third party facilitates settlement discussions and strategies on behalf of both parties.

There are multiple types of ADR, including arbitration, mediation, mini-trial, and negotiation. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our civil litigation lawyers will analyze your case to determine what method is the best approach.


In arbitration, one or more neutral third parties, or arbitrators, hear the evidence in the case and, thereafter, render a legally binding decision. Arbitration allows both parties to exchange less information than might be revealed during the lengthy process of a civil trial. The expense of arbitration is typically shared by both parties.


Mini-trials are structured negotiations that involve a hearing before a neutral third party. Opposing parties exchange documents, interviews, and depositions. Mini-trials are often used in commercial disputes, and allow for flexible and creative solutions to conflict.


In mediation, one or more mediators facilitate both parties in coming to a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediators hear both arguments and offer an unbiased overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each side. Unlike arbitration, a mediator’s solution is non-binding — both parties maintain control over the process and any solution that might result.


During negotiation, both parties’ respective attorneys facilitate discussions. This is the most widely utilized type of ADR — more than 90 percent of both civil and criminal disputes are resolved before trial due to negotiation.


Advantages Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are several benefits to alternative dispute resolution. ADR is less time consuming than a civil court case, as the information to be exchanged is strictly defined. Proceedings can be arranged for times and locations that are mutually convenient to all parties, which is not the case in court trials. Additionally, because civil trials are open to the public and the documents involved are a matter of public record, ADR also affords more privacy to each of the involved parties.

Our experienced Las Vegas litigation lawyers will evaluate your case to provide our unbiased recommendation that we believe is in your best interest. If we recommend alternative dispute resolution, our civil litigation attorneys will also recommend the type of ADR that is best suited for your case. If you choose to instead continue your case through the court system, our Las Vegas attorneys will skillfully handle your case in trial. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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